Google Ads Management

When looking for a product or service, Google search is often the first port of call. This provides advertisers amazing opportunities to take advantage of this with Google's pay per click interface. Thousands of businesses have grown profitability via this channel, it takes time to nurture and optimise. By working with Amore Digital, the 6+ years of expertise will ensure you have an advantage over other businesses, either trying to do it themselves or without the right resource.

Pay Per Click That is ROI and Profit Focused

The process adopted at AmoreDigital is one that is focused on ROI and profit generating activity for your business. This includes optimising around the performance of:

- Keyword
- Device
- Time of Day
- Remarketing Lists
- Ad Copy

 Paid search is an extremely competitive environment as we have seen cost per clicks slowly rise, and bigger brands use some really advanced software to get ahead. The process I adopt ensures that the account is optimised on a regular basis, and there is always an aspect of 'forward thinking'.

Why Work With Me

  • Save Time

    Working with Amore Digital will ensure you won't be wasting time trying to figure out how to pull a report or update your campaigns to reflect your latest offer... we'll do that for you and do it well.

  • Save Money

    Since Amore Digital is run by myself personally, the costs can be kept to less than 1/3rd of a digital agency. This means you'll get more hours on your account, and a more personal touch. Not only this but it means you'll have direct access to myself who will be close to your business, and be able to answer questions quickly and understand your problems.

  • Leave It With An Expert

    Besides saving time and money, you will also sleep well at night knowing that I'll personally be aiming to grow your paid search account into a lean mean money making machine (or ensuring it stays one). This is through the ROI and profit focused attitude the business was built around.

Let's Get This Partnership Started

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Much Do Your Services Cost?

All of the costings are aligned around your individual business goals and how much time it may take to manage the account. It's always fair and transparent.

Is There A Contract?

No. We believe that as long as we're getting results you'll stay, and a monthly retainer ensures the relationship is healthy and increases trust. I'm confident in the service I can provide, so I just have a one month grace period.

When Can We Start?

As soon as you'd like. Call me personally on 07504929580.