Google Shopping Management

Grow your e-commerce business with our data driven approach to Google Shopping. Users search on Google Shopping when they are looking for a particular product. This is a segment of people who know what they want, and just need to be shown the right product, at the right price at the right time. Our job is to assist your business in doing that by keeping your costs down, and driving as much revenue as possible based on the budgets set.


Amore Digital is based in the heart of Liverpools tech scene, with close links to Manchester. We are a small and nimble consultancy and care greatly about your return on investment. Contact us today for a kick off call.

Benefits and Features of Google Shopping

High CTR

The ability to have large visual ads within the search results vs sole text ads often results in 1 thing = Higher Click Through Rates.

This means for most retailers, Google Shopping is the main channel of choice. If you are only running text ads then you are massively missing out.

Great Performance vs Text Ads

Not only will you get a very high click through rate, but again the visual effect of Google Shopping is often more inspirational for potential customers. Not only that, but the ability to add Google Merchant promotions often means you can entice the click and subsequent sale.

Product Level Reporting

Want to see exactly which products are performing and thus increase or reduce bids based on performance? Google Shopping allows you to do exactly that.

By splitting out the campaigns efficiently and ensuring each product has its own ad group, Amore Digital will work to improve ROI based at a product level.

Run Promotions to Stand out

If you are not already running Google Shopping Promotions, Amore Digital will not only get you setup but advise on running successful promotions.

Each promotion will be run with maximum impact, getting eye balls on your product, interested clicks and customers.

How I Help?

Product Group Optimisation

By optimising bids at product level, we can ensure that products that are performing well have their bids increased. We can also ensure that any products that are not performing optimally have bids reduced to enhance profitability of the overall account.

Feed Optimisation

If your website has a large feed or the existing feed has a lot of errors, we can utilise tools such as Feed Optimise. We will reduce errors, ensure the maximum amount of products are uploaded into the Merchant centre, and everything is displaying properly.

Google Shopping Feed Optimisation

Budget Optimisation

By splitting up the campaigns we will ensure the majority of the budget goes towards the highest ROI products and services. Whether that’s applying more budget to past users, certain categories, or where there is a lot of margin.

Google Merchant Promotions

Google Merchant promotions allow you to stand out from the sea of other retailers competing for the customers attention. Not only will they help to increase click through rate, they are a great tool for new customer acquisition.

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