Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: Segmentation and Effective Use Guide

Intro Remarketing as a standalone channel is still one of the most effective out there. Instead of acquiring traffic that has never heard of you before, you’re essentially ‘re-buying’ the user’s engagement. Due to the previous visitors being familiar with you, they are much more likely to buy, and might be in a better position… Continue reading


5 Google Shopping Opportunities to Implement Before 2018

Custom Labels

This blog post is a follow up to a talk I gave at Online Seller UK in Manchester. It has a wide array of E-Commerce professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs attend. Most sell on platforms such as Amazon and eBay, but a few are now starting to branch out and set up their own online stores. This… Continue reading


Digital Channels to Pivot Growth

The modern age of digital marketing provides plenty of opportunities to reach your customers. One thing to remember is that not all channels are created equally. This is why you need to define your digital strategy and use the various channels as a tool to reach customers. Organic Search (SEO) The first channel many are… Continue reading