Optimising Search Ad Spend For Success – My Talk At Online Seller UK

The other week I was given the opportunity to speak at a retailer focused event called Online Seller UK. It is an event I have frequented for the past year or so, therefor jumped at the opportunity.

The topic I decided to cover was around paid search optimisation. This is a topic a lot of retailers don’t understand and often avoid. This included:

  • Keyword Bid Optimisation

I talked around how it is vital to ensure you are bidding correctly for each keyword. A keyword in a high position (1-2) but is unprofitable, should be lowered (as long as your goals are profit focused). Also there are many occasions where keywords in low positions (4+) are converting and need their bids raised. I informed the audience, the best way to do this is via data analysis and utilising a process.

  • Location Optimisation

Here I mentioned, how if you are a local retailer you should ensure that you are bidding higher in the areas you serve. I also noted how other areas may not perform as well, therefor you should ensure bids are lowered in these instances.

  • Ad Schedule Optimisation

Ad schedule optimisation (also known as day parting) is often vital to retailers who tend to convert more on the weekend, or certain days. I recommended splitting your bidding into 3x main sections as a start … Morning, Afternoon and Evening are prime examples.

  • Device Optimisation

Everyone now knows the huge role mobiles and tablets have on their digital marketing efforts. In this section, I noted how you should ensure you review this regularly (monthly or bi monthly depending on statistical significance). I mentioned how often times you will be surprised at what the data shows.

Below are a few pictures from the event:

online seller 4

online seller 1

online seller 3

online seller 2

Feel to free to get in touch if you want to see the slides. Also if you run digital marketing or e-commerce events, and would be interested in me speaking. Get in touch.


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