Ted Parry

A Bit About Me

Hi I'm Ted Parry. Obsessed about digital marketing and PPC, I started Amore Digital and my freelance practice to help small business owners get a grasp on their digital marketing and grow their business.

I have over 4 years' experience in this field (and plenty more if you count the years practicing digital marketing while in full time education).

Not only have I had experience within an agency, I have also worked in house at high pressure environments in companies spending 7 figures+ on digital marketing activity.

Currently based in the North West of the UK but always happy to travel for a coffee.

My Speciality

When it comes to specialties I have decided to specialise Amore Digital in two key areas. Those being Paid Search and E-Commerce.


Firstly Why Paid Search?

Although I have a skillset in SEO, Affiliate and Social Media focusing on what I am best at helps me distinguish my services and provide a best in class service to my clients. Over the years I have come to experiment and find ways to get a clear ROI from paid search and want to bring this profit focused attitude towards my clients.

Okay So Why E-Commerce?

After experience in house at Kitbag, JD Williams and working on Berghaus while working at a digital agency, nothing for me beat the thrill of knowing that if I discover a new keyword that is highly efficient that means extra sales and actual customers for the business. Not only this but  over the years I have refined processes that although will work in a lot of industries tackle E-commerce extremely well. This includes keyword bid optimisation, ad copy & landing page testing, profitiability category mapping and optimal device bid adjustments.

A Learning Journey?

I also want my clients to be able to learn from me, some would argue that's a risky business strategy as it would make me replaceble. I always counter with the fact it builds trust with my clients and makes dealing with me more transparent. So when I start using PPC jargon such as CPC, CPA and CPL you will understand what it means and be able to ask me better questions.

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