• Continual Optimisation

    We work to continually optimise, reform and track the performance of your campaigns. We don't just work to tick over accounts, we look to improve and ensure we're finding ways to help you grow.

  • We Treat Your Money As Our Own

    That's right, we are methodical with every keyword we add, campaign we put live and where we put your spend. We treat your budget as if it was our own money.

  • Communication When You Need It

    We don't believe in a leave it up to us approach many other freelancers and small agencies deploy. Our approach is about transparency and communication, that means we're always open to an adhoc Skype call to discuss future plans for your business.

Aspects of Ongoing Paid Search Optimisation

All of our processes are focused on the pure ROI of the account, whether that's lowering your CPA, getting more sales for particular products/categories or generally making you more money. Take a look below.                                                                                                              

  • ROI Focused Process

  • Device Bid Adjustments

  • Keyword Bid Optimisation

  • Ongoing Reporting

  • Keyword Granularity

  • Ad Copy Testing

  • Ad Scheduling

  • Location Optimisation

  • Strategic Campaign Structure

  • Landing Page Testing

  • Demographic Bid Optimisation

  • Reducing Wasted Spend


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